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Alligators in Vienna


An experiment gone horribly wrong. An alligator that is nowhere to be… seen. And a man, and a woman, and another man, also another woman, fight for something. Probably justice. Maybe love? Art? IDK…

Lead Cast

  • Pilot

    • Season 1
    • 02/07/2013
    • 5min 32sec
    A city cut off from the rest of the world. No government, no police and no animal control. Elias and his sister Sarah have to make it on their own. But anarchy and the vicious killercreature that brought it aren't their only problem. Because for the people who are responsible for all of this, everything is according to plan. And Elias and Sarah are part of it.
  • Alligators in Asia

    • Season 1
    • 08/07/2013
    • 10min 33sec
    5 years after the the first alligator trouble, Elias has a face off with the handsome evil genius, who has been behind everything.

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